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 CEC: The Columbia Esterel Compiler
  An open-source research compiler for the synchronous reactive language Esterel.
  Edwards, Soviani, Zeng
 Taxi: Translation Aid for External Interfaces
  The goal of this project is to make it possible to write a single device driver and have it automatically ported to as many operating systems as possible. Our first goal is to port simple drivers to Unix-like OSes, then tackle Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  Edwards, Conway
 QCC: Quantum Computer Compilers
  The ultimate goal of this project is to develop high-level programming languages and compilers for the quantum computers of the future. Our initial focus is to develop effective algorithms that can be used in quantum computer compilers to produce efficient quantum circuits for different quantum technologies from high-level specifications of quantum computations.
  Aho, Svore
 VLL: The Verification Library Language
  Software is difficult to write correctly, so why not have computers help check its correctness? The goal of this project is to produce a domain-specific language that allows libraries to be written that perform certain software verification tasks, ranging from simple syntactic checks such as ensuring each case in a switch statement has a break, all the way to symbolic simulation of program code
  Aho, Edwards, Shinnar

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